(By Tracey Bryn & Peter Vettese)

There's not much of a trick to playing safely baby
People do it every day
You can see them living sensibly with lots of care
Lonely in a cautious way
You be alone for me - I'll be alone for you
One and one people alone make two
Let's stir things up a bit, throw the pieces up to the sky

Baby I want scary kisses
I want hits and I want misses
I want hell I want bliss - and all that soars between it
And if you give me safely, in a short time I'll be driven crazy
I would rather run and fall, than take no chance at all

I would rather sit here by myself that settle down
With someone safe and sound
I kind of like trouble every now and then
Someone with nerve to break ground
You take a look for me - I'll take a look for you
We'll find that it's not so bad it's just new
Let's stir things up a bit, throw the pieces up to the sky


And if we break or if we bruise, it won't be the worst of news
We will just get up again - start over on the count of ten
And if we scar of is we break, it'll be our own mistake
Put it down to what we know, thane have another go

And take it on the chin and just begin again
Run your finger through the flame and I will do the same
Together we will fall, together we will rise, together we
Will do everything but compromise

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Scary Kisses Lyrics

Voice Of The Beehive – Scary Kisses Lyrics

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