If I were you - I think I'd stay
Just far enough to leave
Before the ice might break
If I were you - At least I'd wait
Just close enough to get
What others might take
I'm moving across
I'm moving too fast
Sometimes I'm much too slow
But how should I know?
I call to my past
Then turning my head
Present's what I got instead
I'm talkin' too loud
I whisper and moan
Sometimes I'm used to speak
Of nothing at all
I'm holding me down
And lift myself up
Though I'm half way there I stop
I'm wearing a frown
I'm cracking a smile
Sometimes I'm not so sure
Whom I habit for
I swim like a stone
A swallow it all
And sure I'm talking off o fall
Here we are
And we're all the same
Watch the tride roll in
And roll away again
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If I Were You Lyrics

Vivid – If I Were You Lyrics

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