[feat. Wil And Kate]

Long ago
When I was young
And all was new
So long ago

I was a girl
And having fun
So long ago
I remember when
We had good times then

There's Gotta Be
Something more out there
There's just gotta be
Something more for me

People try, peopl die
People dream,
And that's me

There's gotta be
Something new for me
There's just gotta be
Something grand for me

I must follow my heart
Make a brand new start
I can see it
I can feel it right now

There's a big
World out there
Just waiting for me
I can make it
I can do it
An pave the way

I won't give up
I can see it through
Life's an open door
And there's so much more

I will laugh
I will grin
I wil try
Until I win

There's gotta be
Something out there
For me
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There's Gotta Be Lyrics

Vince – There's Gotta Be Lyrics