No one ever told me
During all those tears I cried
That one day you would hold me
I just kept hoping inside

True love was waiting
True love would find me in time
True love was waiting
Your love would finally be mine

No one ever showed me
Such care and tenderness
Baby you know me
And what moves me the best

It's true love waiting
It's true love making up for lost time
It's true love waiting
Your love it's finally mine

And I can't erase these lines on my face
But I'd turn back time if I could
But all the years wanting, the desperate longing,
Are maybe what makes this so good

True love, waiting
True love that found us in time
True love is waiting
Your love is finally mine

True love is waiting
Your love is finally mine
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True Love Lyrics

Vince Gill – True Love Lyrics

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