I know I said I'd change for you
But I think I've changed my mind
If I can't be what you want me to
Then we're just wastin' time

Well I'm doin' the best I can Remember I'm just a man
And if my best ain't good enough
Baby that's tough, baby that's tough

I thought love was 5050
This just don't add up
You always take more than you give me
Is that the new math or what

Well I can bend but please don't break me
I'm just as fragile as you
You don't have to try and make me
Jump when you tell me to

Chorus (X 3)

Baby that's tough (to fade)
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Baby That's Tough Lyrics

Vince Gill – Baby That's Tough Lyrics

Songwriters: Gill, Vincent Grant / Clark, Guy
Baby That's Tough lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., EMI Music Publishing, Vince Gilbert/Benefit Music/Vinny Mae Music

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