Why you NEVER think of MY MIND?
Why you ALWAYS never understood me?
Why you DO IT when I LOVE YOU?
Why you STRIKE ME and give me some pain?
Why you LEAVE ME for oTHER MAN?
Why you LEAVE ME? and live my life alone.
And all OF THIS has make ME FEEL
To run AWAY, to run away from you.

And now I think I feel so good without you
Which give me some pain.
And the all of our memories has gone.
Lets burn it all.

You know that I weak if I there
Without you by my side
But this pain has awaken me.
From the long nitemare.

Save my love. remember my names.
And when I will go for my revenge.
You turn me out.

Save my tears. remember your lies.
And when I will go for my revenge
You turn me out.

And this love killing me.
With every glad you gave to me
And it's the time to let you go
My only one.

You don't know that what I feel.
When you say goodbye.
But it's the time to let you know
I hate you now.
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Dead Or Alive Lyrics

Victim – Dead Or Alive Lyrics

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