Thin and unshaved, drunk and mysterious ooh,
I must say lifestyle is curious with
A little touch of the sniffles and filthy socks gnawed,
Crumbled fingernails never doing tomahawk chops
A flaky head dandruff is distinguished lacquer is red vain
Is the varnish what is at the root of this, she'll say,
Whatcha got what participle do you possess
She'll say, which I have not

One blustery day we rode out to the meadow lands we saw
And were amazed then hauled it back into town again
Mississippi is a mess sometimes and not only when it rain show come
You went back to that malaria island cause our friendship is strained
Those were the days when you were so cosmopolitan these are the days,
My letters they're so maudlin I wrote you an eloquent postcard once
About this most exquisite onion soup but of course I never mailed though
Cause it was your turn in the loop

Those were the days when you were so cosmopolitan
These are the days, my letters they're increasingly maudlin
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Onion Soup Lyrics

Vic Chesnutt – Onion Soup Lyrics

Songwriters: VIC CHESNUTT

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