I'm a little sentimental dear
I kinda want you near
Let's spend the entire afternoon
Waiting for the moon
Together with the pirates

There's nothing 'bout my parents I would want to emulate
When bodies form a line the streets begin to saturate
And I don't want to go to bed it seems like such a waste
Pack your things we're leaving right away

Just you and I
To a place, In memory
Just you and I
Back to when, We were free

Let's make promises and stay up late
Potential candidates
Of what it's like to fornicate
An awkward moment, curtsy and a bow
Open up your mouth
So we can take a trip now

They'll always ask you what do you, want to be when you, grow up
But you can take them by surprise, look them in the eyes, and say
A child
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You And I Lyrics

Vera Mesmer – You And I Lyrics