Told you the story 'bout a teather's pet
Well aou ain't heard nothing yet
Skooldaze over teacher thinks that's no life
Skirts up, heads down, Playtime
You know I'm wanting you
I know you're wanting every inch of me
You love how hard it gets and I
Love just how dirty you can be
I told her that she needs
A good stiff talking to
This conversation piece
Is sure to do you good
Teacher's getting horny
Reading little pornographic storys
Loving every minute
She can take it in the hilt
Teasing and pleading
She can make it harder than before
Give her all you've got
She can take it all and beg for more
Silk stockings, black high heels
Skirt so tight you won't believe you eyes
The way she swallows you
You'll wonder what she's got between her thighs
She is insatible
She's never satisfied
Warm, wet and willing
As she welcomes you inside
She make it obvious
The things that she has got upon her mind
She needs it hard
The way she winks at you and wiggles her behind
Her blouse is open
Just enough to make you drool
I do my homework
With the teacher after school
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Playtime Lyrics

Venom – Playtime Lyrics