When the snow turns black
I'll be back - I'll be here
Between the blinking of an eye
Welcome back - Cavalier
When the screams attack
Before the newborn starts to cry
Flaming star or the call of the wild
And it's all in the eyes of a child
The whispers in the breeze
Black Xmas - Devils Eve
Black Xmas - Devil's wine
The river bleeds in time
That's the place - In a dream
Where the red clouds chase
Across the suns hot blazing sky
Where he hides his face
In disgrace - For his queen
He must choose the way she dies
And they say when his eyes turn to green
He'll awake living sin never seen
That's the clue - To believe
Watches over you
Watch his eyes look through
An instant and you're hypnotised
False or true - To deceive
You take his place you're crucified
Black Xmas - Devils Eve
The whispers in the breeze
The river bleeds in time
Black Xmas - Devil's wine
Black XmasBlack Xmas - Devil's wine

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Black Xmas Lyrics

Venom – Black Xmas Lyrics

Songwriters: CONRAD LANT
Black Xmas lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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