A garrison
Dreams of horror
It will end
Guess who's the father of it
Some people think, he was weak, so he died
He was bad, no one touched him, unless he let them
Like dominos, they all fell, and they will fall
He accomplished what he set out to, the warrior prince, defeating all
Tied to the whipping post, for what he had not done
Substitutionary sacrifice, we're covered in the blood
Check it out, Noahs ark was covered with the Pitch
That kept it from sinking, sin is sinking people every day
Propitiation, expiatory blood atones
For that which you commit and what you do not know
You may think "I'm driving 55 so what's the big deal dude"
But you are in the 35, guilty, me and you
All have sinned, and that's just the way it is
But we are saved through conversion, based upon what he did
Conversion is the point where your total trust is in Christ
For salvation, but it imparts a new life
You do not get cleaned up to take a bath
Like receiving Christ, You'd better do it while you can
Regeneration, that which happens to the true
Born Again Believers, Inner conflict
Imputation, given the righteousness of Christ
Hamertia, the price is paid
Redemption, that encompasses the whole
Be diligent to understand, then speak it and be bold
Pilates wife, knew the gig and she freaked out man
Bar-Abbas understood substitution and
Simon Peter, a disciple in denial and
Roman soldiers long since dead, times got the upper hand
A King and Robbers
Eli, Eli
Lama Sabachthani?
A quote of David, in praise to God
Veil torn
Graves open
This is the Son of God

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The Whipping Post Lyrics

Vengeance Rising – The Whipping Post Lyrics