Electric shock, a beating heart, crush it down into the ground, release the pressure of corroded side, all fall into this genocide, the crying sound, the crying sound, the cruddy sound for vision now, just fall away, just play this game, so insane for digital tension dementia.

Fiction friction, anarchy, call into so extreme, running to a cold place, it's a constraint, construct the evil, construct the evil, construct the evil, the crouching, the calling of the fascist world, the world of skinheads, the world of fascist racist pigs, a sexist, a racist's religion fight, the call? No government, it's all insight.

Get the fuck out of my face, I'll kill you in a second, the cross is your savior, it crawls into your head, latch on, latch on to some feeling that was broken up, no car, no cares, no life, nothing, your face, you'll die in your disgrace.

Killing everything in the name of democracy, you lay into some kind of machinery. To be is?
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Let's Kill All These Motherfuckers Lyrics

Velvet Acid Christ – Let's Kill All These Motherfuckers Lyrics