My eyes, my eyes have failed me
A passenger in infinite great wisdom
We all struggle to possess the key to our lives
We ignite, we ignite, shedding new light
Overcoming what we were left with
Conquering the motionless satellites
In my future blank canvas full of design
Never searching we search for ourselves
My face has seen all walks of the earth
When there's nothing we fall apart
We fall to our knees, collecting our thoughts
They can't know this
The thickened air surrounds us
Clenching at our lungs
Searching blindly I follow a prophets sense of one
My eyes have failed me tonight
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Conquer Lyrics

Veil Of Maya – Conquer Lyrics

Songwriters: Brandon Butler, Mike Okubo, Same Applebaum, Matthew Pantelis
Conquer lyrics © TIGRIS MUSIC - REF

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