One fifteen, lyrics avenue, crack
I came up on the Eliss blocks, like all I find I keep, from your head to
Your socks
This is New York city, you can knock 5 buildings down and we show no pity
Life is shitty, corners is greedy and you mad cause you're caught in the
Cheese line committee
I'd rather be smoking corn and I gotta get mad off for starting barns
Word is spawn, don't make me have to get to I know dudes that will go the
Break the law, talk shit and then break your jaw
You ain't never seen this kind before
I'm a hustler, you're a dinosaur, give me an inch and I'm gonna take more
I want it all, from the ground to the ocean floor

I don't care, but to think of me
Broklyn, Queens
I don't care, I don't care, but to think of me
South side, I don't care

Yo, it's the oj from the to fuck around with my guns in New York niggaare hop
On and off train
Live a hard not lifestyle, fuck the
Cause my law got me covered in both ways
I beat down to Franklyn, I hang in the hallways

Real hip hop for life, just guns and ball play

Niggaare I don't care no more, my suns is going
If the car walk laid back ocean spray
Gun and talk ratchet, do back flips, pure blackness
He survived every day, eating shit like catfish, fucked every ass now
Ask me if I give a damn, I'll pop you in the head like him

I'm hitting a homerun on your field of dreams

None of you lames could strike out my team
I'm a Bronx former like Babe Ruth
When he used to point his finger I like a marine sniper
And I'm quick eye out like Cooper
It's sort of like looking for gold,
And I won't hesitate to put you in a sleeper hold
Watch his head shrink, this whole world is about to end
Who cares what he thinks? The target is don't let me see
He's acting funny
I never get caught, I never take shorts, I'm here, gone a piano
Pappy, wardrobe king, Wu Tang Clan
I don't care, I don't care what you think of me
I don't care, what you think of me
I don't care.
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I Don't Care Lyrics

Vast Aire – I Don't Care Lyrics