Hidden in your every move
All the words that you
Will never say

Stars and moons are not your style
I've known for awhile
This is not your way

I hear you
I hear you

I do know you very well
And our time will tell
If I read you right

It can be so very hard
Looking for a dark
Horse in the night

I see you
I see you

I do know you very well
And I will until
You can prove me wrong

Maybe I'll find you or not
Anything like what
I thought all along

Don't think so
Don't think so

One day you'll say what you mean
And will I be seen
For a cloud of dust?

Now I've nothing left to say
I'm gonna find my way
By your light of touch

I'm with you
I'm with you
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Hidden Lyrics

Vashti Bunyan – Hidden Lyrics