Hello cuttie, what's your name?
Fresh, I don't talk to strangers
Oh, I'm no stranger
Been waitin' every evening for you to walk by
Keep waitin', I'm still walkin'
Oh, what's your name?
None your business
Pretty name, an' I'll just call you Linda
Well how did you guess?

When I go to sleep, I never count sheep
I count all the charms about Linda
And lately it seems in all of my dreams
I walk with my arms about Linda

But what good does it do me
For Linda doesn't know I exist
Can't help feelin' gloomy
Think of all the lovin' I've missed

We pass on the street, my heart skips a beat
I say to myself, "Hello Linda"
If only she'd smile, I'd stop her a while
And then I would get to know Linda

But miracles still happen
And when my lucky star begins to shine
With one lucky break
I'll make Linda mine

Well this is where I live
Could I see you again sometime
How about Saturday night?
Shall I pick you at eight?
Oh boy, that's a date
Bye now

So miracles do happen
And now my lucky stars begin to shine
With one lucky break
I'll make Linda mine
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Linda Lyrics

Various Artists – Linda Lyrics