Look in the sky the wingrd angels
Beyond the invisible horizon
The kingdom of isolted angels
Where stoneshaped shadows mourn (what they're lost!)
The mystic vision of Osiris
The mighty god of Sevia
Till, the promising truth of horus
(As) predicted by priest mefantha
You laugh for darkness domination
You laugh for living plagues
The owner of curse once covered the city
Transform the demon inside you.
Under the sight of horus
The chosen one
The lord of sacred pain
The king of desolation
Hail erebus, lord of death.
Beyond the southern seas
Where mortal search your path
A gate to underworld
The vision of thousand priests
Under the sight of horus
The stone valley of death
There, you will find the truth
From the sacred book of invocation
(And then) you will open the gates for them.
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Under The Sight Of Horus Lyrics

Varathron – Under The Sight Of Horus Lyrics