I've seen the future,
And the future is smoke a shourd of ghost encompass,
A cloud of dust on which to choke my minds so clouded,
In this life of distress,
Don't sink with me don't sink with me,
In an awful wreck just pull me out take me away from all this,
This is the last chance I have,
To not end up dead,
So just give me the chance,
To find another moment,
Where passion steamed out from the start,
And carried to the sky where we lived our lives with honest hearts,
Honest hearts,
I think we're losing sight of,
What this was all about impossible to settle now,
We're fading in the background so fade out,
Back to the shadows from which you came leave me on the pier,
For now it's the only place that keeps me sane,
I've seen too many skies,
To let them pass me by,
I've lived too many lives,
To watch myself die,
Watch myself die,
So send this vessel out to sea,
I'm not the ship I used to be,
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Sending Vessels Lyrics

Vanna – Sending Vessels Lyrics