Don't wanna see what it would be
Without your touch, your company
Just say you care, say you'll be there
I'll give you all what's best in me
Now baby listen to my heart
Before it ends and falls apart
My love for you, my life I see
Give it a chance and let it be
Time is running out, let me find your way
Be there together when the time is right
Come here close, I wanna hold you tight
Time is running out, let me find your way

Cause I'm so much inlove, so much inlove
Baby let me love you, I'm so much inlove
So much inlove, (let me) love you, love you

Can't find enough time in my mind
Just take control I'm here to find
I'll be around, won't ever let you down
I'll give you all that's left in me
I need your affection, please be kind
I'm here to love, you in all time
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So Much In Love Lyrics

Vanna Vanna – So Much In Love Lyrics

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