(Verse 1)
Credit A1, move cain like my leg done
Tall nigga in 2chain day 1
Don't play dumb like hussein them thangs run
Four at least 40 coops sporty I can't front
Jewels flawless chicks drool this dude gorgeous
Shoot informant, bugged out I use organ
Panoramic the panomara your shoes walkin'
Christopher when I walkin' king of New York in
Keep a Larry fish to carry fifths
I wanted more divorced grams to marry bricks
On the low down have dirty shame of sally rich
I told her I'm just a better grade like Cali piff
Hella mansions, rap manson
Big L in his helly hanson black vanson
Back vampin' check scamin', crack hand in
Trap standin' on the coke we tap dancin'

All the stores get hype when I'm coming in
If that thang don't swipe gotta punch it in,
All day I be ballin like the motherf*cker
At the bank withdrawal like a motherf*cker
The club getting hype when I'm coming in
If that thing don't swipe gotta punch it in
Come on!
I'll be ballin' like a motherf*cker
In the bank withdrawal like a motherf*cker

(Verse 2)
All day in and out of banks
Just copped a printer and I'm out of ink
They say I'm the last dragon
I'm Eddie Arkadian with the piranha tank
I send you shots like you gotta drink
Out of sync, crew in the winter you see a lot of minks
Top of the rinks, in the town hit armor brinks
Been ab flexed on niggas more than shabba ranks
Main bandit, name gambit, pull cards fast like professor they can't stand it
.44 in black I blam blam it,
Corner store strapped like that ain't the same sandwich
Play the apartment till the sun is down
No AC, on the carpet counting money piles
Bell ring try sparin' till there's hundred rounds

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White Collar Lyrics

Vado – White Collar Lyrics