Well I'm sonicly, high bionically
For you dummies, ironically stupid
What are you, Cupid?
You steal my rhymes, and then you loop it

Wrong! Back this way
Follow me now, head this way
Into this, while I rap on through this
For many germs, who never knew this

Switches, upside down
Turn around, look in the mirror
You rap catchers are makin' a error
Every inning, I'm back to the dugout

You on the field, I'm ready to bugout
Like a manager, smackin' up your team
Male or female, ducks who dream
Of takin' me, on the mic and makin' me
Rack up, MC's I stack up

Foreign precinct rappers need to back up
Quickly, I'm a rip your brain off
Throw it down so the blood can drain off
My hands, while I wave to a fan

I'm Kool Keith, not a Bill or a Dan
But a General, equal to a mineral
Pushin' a crowd, to keep on dancin'
I'm Housing Things

Now I'm back, to continue my verses
I'm never screamin' loud with any curses
Rougly, that a child can learn
I teach kids and ducks that burn

With a flamethrower, and how do you show a...
Grass rapper, cut him with a lawnmower
Twice, into golden wheat
Ground the rest into moldin meat

And cook em, til' they all well done
They not ready, they don't smell done
like fish, it ain't my favorite dish
I grab a steak and to battle I wish

A Coke MC or Pepsi I'll sip up
Drop your face and bring the other lip up
Watch, while I stun and amaze you
Kick out lyrics that truly daze you

I'm your boss, the one that pays you
Nine to five, all ducks are hired
And when I come MC's are fired
No pay, no way today

You're an employer with nothin' to say
But I can say, one thing for sure
I'm Housing Things

I think it's pitiful, that you had taunted me
Your girl sulkin', she wanted me first
Before you was thought about
Back in the days, when I taught about

Science, the real construction
No other solo team or production
Did that, or got with that
I play brain ball using a bat

To your skull, smack it out the park
I rhyme bright and you're in the dark
With shadows, hallucinating battles
To compel, the capital K, as in Kool

Combined in Keith
Rap metal is terminal chief
And joy, squashin' the beef
On time. and my mic will stay on

For any roach or germ who wanna pray on
a weakness, but my uniqueness
has a way to show that I'm slicker
Creating rhymes, you have to be, quicker
And versatile on the microphone
I'm Kool Keith, cold Housing Things

And I'd like to say what's up to my man, Father Mashon
And also my brother Kevvy Kev, Ced Gee, Moe Love, TR
And my man I God, Paul C, Public Enemy and the Jungle Brothers
Peace, I'm outta here
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Kool Keith Housing Things Lyrics

Ultramagnetic Mc's – Kool Keith Housing Things Lyrics