[Ed Lover]
Ultramagnetic mc's
I remember the first time I ever seen ultramagnetic, at Latin quarter

[Kool Keith]
It's time to come out and give the people something they can understand
Something not too complicated (cated)
You know what we goin' do?
We goin' bring it down to earth (earth)

[Chorus: x4]
Bring it down to earth, I don't understand!

[Kool Keith]
Mega bomb ignite, super reflection
Power ignites the fourth horseman, turbo
I kick styles like data, computer reading
Miles away to beam star trek
Moving my style up, optimus level 4
I get it warp speed, youse on my space tour
Get with the elements, eloquent spacecraft
Change my gamma flow, one-three-eight-seven
Twenty-oh-nine-six, cereal silver seven
I got the skills to rap, so what you want spock?
Style like captain kirk, gamma ray one block
Particle leading out, rock the way intercourse
Damaging animals, a lady with menopause
Rising at one speed, altitude x be
We need some gas or fuel, yo come in major!
I'm just a level or pinch, I'm hitting new york
Flying with ced, I see the other world
I need some gas, yo Jim, I gotta come down
Perimeter's reading we might crash!


[Kool Keith]
I know you out there and y'all understand
But I'ma let Ced get on and tell y'all what it's really like
It's not so complicated
But connect with me and y'all follow me right on through!

[Ced Gee]
Ultra power flowing, get ready for centron
React with the digital, kicks like loose bombs
High tech C-spects, hit data brain checks
Sounding like john ?, time's up brain test
Info storm, locked
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Bring It Down To Earth Lyrics

Ultramagnetic Mc's – Bring It Down To Earth Lyrics

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