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This is just a little samba
With all the typical drama
Feel the rhythm of the conga (come on)
This is just a little samba

Yo man, I'm living grandiose, puffin on an Ambassador
Paid in full, kill the bull, like a matador
Flash the cash, make my album cover shinier
My head's spinning like a discus, and if this is [just a little samba]
Then I'm straight, with the seven-course meal on my plate
I put my leftovers in the doggie bag
I got moves like Mr. Miyagi had
With the "wax off, wax on," I'll play you like Zaxxon
Girls love my songs, sunbathing on the back lawn
"Ju ... look ... mahvellous"
C'mon young lady, get in the car with us, superstar deluxe (hey!)
I'm always animated cause my game's so tight, that I keep it laminated
Well, if that's true, why you living with ya mama?
Shh! It's just a little samba ...


Yo, I make all the mon-ay
No you don't
I get all the girls
No you don't!
I put it down on fools!
No you don't (huh?)
No you don't (man)
No you don't!

You might spot me in Versace suits
When I'm at award shows paparazzi shoot
I own a fly home, four-car garage
With rides for me and my entourage
Hold up, I got a email
It's a female
Girls pressing on me like Lee Nail
I make the hits that you hear on the jukebox (so?)
Chicks come hotter than Arizona rooftops

I got this one, she's a Playmate
When I met her she was looking at my gold Dizzy nameplate
But I had to vacate, I said "I'm gonna miss our date cause my plane's late"
Yeah, I own a plane and I also bought a yacht
So I scuba in Bermuda when the weather gets hot
And I travel a lot ...
The why you livin with ya mama?
Man, it's just a little samba!


I make all the money
No you don't
I get all the girls
No you don't!
I got my own sitcom!
No you don't (huh?)
No you don't (what?)
No you don't!
I star in the movies
No you don't
I run my own label
No you don't
Man, I only date models
No you don't (huh?)
No you don't (hey?)
No you don't!

Man, I got more property than Monopoly
No you don't

Man, I drive a flying car!
No, no you don't
Man, I got two pet sharks ...
Your mom lets you have sharks in the house?
Man, ge ... wha?
C'mon man, the song's over man
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A Little Samba Lyrics

Ugly Duckling – A Little Samba Lyrics

Songwriters: Andrew R. Cooper, Dustin MC Farland, Rodney Pleasant
A Little Samba lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.,CHRYSALIS MUSIC LTD

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