Obscured by falling moon ghoul-haunted black catacombs prowl in ashen deserts
As the sands stir uneasy with the cold of abysmal winds
Howling from nether-gulfs and from the onyx monuments of subterranean unholy caverns

Nighted winds of prehuman times still burdened with eerie voices of antediluvian aeons
Horrid ululations, echoes of precambrian dawn

Discordant keening without meaning or rhyme
Indescribable howl of the tunes to which dance the formless idiot gods

Vast majestic sidereal fabric of universe resounds to the clarion
Echoes of creation
Echoes of before the beginning of time
From before the throne of Nuclear Chaos
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Sonorous Howl From Beyond The Stars Lyrics

Tyranny – Sonorous Howl From Beyond The Stars Lyrics