No sleepin', she waits tables late, tryin' to stay tough
Never ending, however long she waits, it's just not enough
He's sleeping late, no work around, working dreams come tumblin' down
He's been down every road in this old dead-end town
And now they're two more runners in the night

Forever young, time on our side, we've got tomorrow, we've got tonight
Two hungry hearts out on the run, we'll always be forever young

She's cryin', two worlds collide, can't take anymore
He's denyin' the kick inside, but then he slams the door
He said, we made a deal, you and I, cross our hearts and hope to die

No matter what may come, we'll never say goodbye
But now we're two more runners in the night


Kick it out!

[Chorus: x 2]

Forever, just you and I, forever, forever, just you and I
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Forever Young Lyrics

Tyketto – Forever Young Lyrics

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