You're welcome at this table, but mister, here's the rules
Don't want no hard luck stories 'bout some broken hearted fools
I know where you're coming from, I just got back from there
Hell, it's lonesome everywhere

It's that thing about a woman, ain't it, don't say nothing else
If I had all the answers I wouldn't be here myself
I know you're needing sympathy, but I ain't got none to spare
You see, it's lonesome everywhere

Wish I didn't have to tell you, but you're on your own
That's the thing about lonesome, you got to do it alone

I've spent some time with lonesome and I've learned a thing or two
What you can't get over you just get accustomed to
No matter where you run to, it's gonna find you there
It's lonesome everywhere
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It's Lonesome Everywhere Lyrics

Ty England – It's Lonesome Everywhere Lyrics

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