All right!
So we look kind of weird to you
Well how do you look to me?
How cool you sit there, and sneer all through
The night don't you like what you see?
What are you thinking?
What will you do?
When you get your chance to display
All the hang ups inside of you
Well, we don't care what you say

We're the bad boys of rock and roll
Mad boys out of control
Bad boys of rock and roll
How bad can a bad boy be if he sets you free?

So you say we're offending you
What's wrong is it something we said?
Look at you squirm
Hey, you're sweating too
At least now I know you ain't dead
You're always trying to be so hard
Tearing down all that we do
We're just having a good time
So let down your guard
We'll prove to you it ain't true


Now us boys are annoying too
Well we're sorry to be in your way
You can't stand anything we do
Well what would you like us to say?
We just want to enjoy our lives
And have fun with all that we do
Still you poison the good things
with all of your lies
Well, we're sick of listening to you

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Bad Boys (Of Rock 'n' Roll) Lyrics

Twisted Sister – Bad Boys (Of Rock 'n' Roll) Lyrics

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