Long ago I saw her
Spinning slowly by herself
In some room full of strangers in some strange town
Spin around and look at me, please
Come to see and speak with me
"Life is lonely," someone said, but I was spellbound
And could only nod my head

A dancer from a dream, a footstep away from me

Another time near the water
Standing on the Singing Sands
Watching ships from other lands
I turned my gaze and she was there
Spinning slowly by the water
From somewhere the music caught her
And carried her away
I was spellbound

A dancer from a dream, a footstep away from me

I've followed her footprints but they disappear
And sometimes I think it's her singing I hear
Through years of eluding me I finally one night
Sat at my mirror longing for the sight
Lo! She appeared and didn't flee
The dancer I had sometimes seen
Was laughing looking back at me.
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Nightlong Lyrics

Twelfth Of Never – Nightlong Lyrics