Not unlike Daedalus
I found myself building walls
That blocked the sun from me
Not unlike Icarus
I found myself building wings
To fly above this life
Slips through my hands
Through my hands
Slipping away
Slipping away
Searching like Diogenes,
With lantern lit by the blaze of truth
To find an honest life
Standing like Prometheus
Bound to stone with torment great
To die and live again
How do we learn to fly
Screaming at the sun
Continually falling
I will not be ashamed
I will not betray my heart
I will not be ashamed
I will not betray these words
So bring me my wings
And turn back the stones
This leap must be leapt
This flight must be flown
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Continually Falling Lyrics

Truthbeknown – Continually Falling Lyrics