Once I didn't know about you and I wondered where I'd go
If I left this world behind
Then I trembled when I saw the destination of my soul
And on bended kness I cried
Then My inner eyes were open
And I saw my only hopes was too
Believe that you were sent to set me free
And I am forgiven
Yes I know you are risen
And open up the door
Into to heaven
I m forgiven
What a lord you are, a savior full of life
Everlasting king of kings
What a price you paid, to save the souls that took your life
The very ones that you forgave
With your blood you wash me white as snow
And I don't worry where I'll go
No power can seperate me from your love
I am forgiven
Yes I know you are risen
And opened the door into heaven
I m forgiven
Look down, look down, please look down on me jesus
I want to thank you an d praise your holy name
I look up, look up, up into the heavens
And I know thats where I m going one day
Cause I am forgiven
Yes I know you are risen
And Opened up the door into heaven
I'm forgiven (ooohh)
Yes I know, I am forgiven
I know
I know I can face tomorrow
Because you live
I know I can face my sorrows
Because that love you give
Sweet jesus gave his love to me
Sweet jesus died and set me free
I know
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Forgiven Lyrics

True Vibe – Forgiven Lyrics

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