Don't feel bad, you only killed me
Don't feel bad, I only died
You put a spear through my sternum
Because of that, I'm not alive
Don't feel bad

Don't feel bad, you didn't realise
That it was me - all along
Don't feel bad, I only told you
Both in talk and in song

In spite all my clues, you skewered me
No metaphor I used, no simile
I'm not sure what else I could have done
But told you in your native tongue
And you're looking at me, nodding along

Don't feel bad, you killed a dragon
You're the champ, you're the king
Big tough man, brave and clever
Sticking things - into things

She haunts the bejeesus out of me
My waking hours will ne'er be free
Where e'er I turn it's she I see
Me, half a man I'll always be
I'm like a door without a key
I'm like a branch ripped from a tree
Get out of my head!

Don't feel bad, it was my fault
I should have been a lot more clear
Perhaps a book with coloured pictures
Might have been a good idea

Don't feel bad
Don't feel bad
Don't feel bad
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Don't Feel Bad Lyrics

Tripod – Don't Feel Bad Lyrics