I know you're late on rent the for the 3rd month straight
And your credit cards are maxed all the way
And you're lookin at me for a little relief
You're lookin at me for something
9 to 5 and I'm workin nights
sometimes I wonder if its worth the whole fight
then im lookin at you and its all that I need
to make me keep on quessing (?)

whatever im goin through
it wont break up me and you
cos we can bend and not break
give and not take
theres nothing worth running from
cos our love is strong enough
so have faith tomorrows another day

stop take a deep breath
baby we've got time
we'll be alright our love will keep us alive
stop I know you're stressed
and you cant sleep at night
somehow we'll survive
as long as there's you and I

broke my heart when you're car broke down
and you're celluar wouldn't even dial out
and nobody would stop
no not even a cop
so you're wound up the highway walking
through every storm there's an open sky
could you see when you looked in my eyes
and I ran you a bath
and I made you laugh
and we stayed up all night talking

repeat bridge and chorus

there aint no problems
there aint nothing we cant solve
we can fix anything
make it right with our love
baby stay by my side
and I promise inside
baby girl your crazy days and bad times and worries will be far behind

repeat chorus x 2
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You And I Lyrics

Triple 8 – You And I Lyrics