Beautiful life inside
Living, moving, breathing
So let hope arise
God knew what he was doing when He gave
Beautiful, beautiful life

Dear sister, I hear the place you at
I know there ain’t nothing easy about going through that
There’s a baby in your womb
But you wasn’t trying to do that
You’d take it all back if you knew that
But you ain’t have a clue that
That time with your boyfriend, that late night
When you thought you was making love that you would make life
And now it’s feeling unfair
Man, it ain’t like you ain’t got a life
Shoot, the time, it really ain’t right
Can’t quite tell you that I understand your pain
But I know you shouldn’t feel discouraged and ashamed
And I know that baby in your stomach ain’t a game
It’s got a heartbeat
He’s about to grow a little brain
He’s dependent on his mama
God already knows his name
You’re made in God’s image and that baby is the same
Give him life


Let it live

Brother, I bet you were caught off guard by that seed in her stomach
So your heart aches hard
Feeling trapped like prisoners behind those bars
The hand’s been dealt, but you don’t wanna take those cards
Homie, stop and think about the choice
That baby in her womb, she ain’t really got a voice
So she really needs her daddy to love her and rejoice
She’s a blessing from the Lord
She don’t need to be destroyed
Don’t abandon her mama
Love her and support her
She’s in pain now, too
She needs someone there for her
But don’t let her hurt you
Baby girl alive in the womb
Cause homie, you’ll be looking in her eyes pretty soon
Hey, don’t get me wrong
Look, I agree that we should give women rights
That goes for unborn women, too
Give them life


Dear friends, I know this probably hurts
For those of you who wish you would have gave that baby birth,
But it's too late now 'cause you're child ain't around
I know it hurts to your core, that guilt that's weighing you down
But I've got good news and some healing for your hurts
Christ Jesus came
He descended to the Earth
But he ain't come for good people, or even the just
He came into the world just for sinners like us
So yeah, he's really grieved when we take a baby's life
'Cause he made 'em, but he came to save us from our plight
He came shining light that he could save us from our night
Erases all our shame, homie
He can make us right
Confess it and believe in the one who paid the cost
He died in your place
There's forgiveness at the cross
So you could give them life


Beautiful, beautiful life
Beautiful, beautiful life
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Beautiful Life Lyrics

Trip Lee – Beautiful Life Lyrics

Songwriters: Sims, Natalie Lauren / Barefield, William Lee / Prielozny, Joseph Ryan / Mackey, Chris
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