A n****r never been as dope as me
Like my face and my brain run...
I say they flow these n****r my capacity
Is wide as the open see put these niggers
In their place where they suppose to be
Plus I get these b*****s bucked like...
I respect it to check it like...
I am gonna rap I am gonna write the play no... Pardon me
Nobody alarming me they all rap commonly like they hold trucks
Drugs like a pharmacy why did you came out what you wanna see
I make the time change up quantum and I still try to figure where I wanna be
So many fish in the sea life is v****a b***h
I don't sleep much paper is awaking me
Talking to a n****r like trigger key making me
They can't see me when they do they hate to see
I eat good they just wanna saw shaking me
Bread on horizon talking about bakery
Devil's in disguise anywhere pray for me
Know your niggers p***y backing up my d**k
Wake my boy I ain't saying s**t I ain't saying...
I am too busy fronting who is on the street in my benz
Couple of freaks couple of hoes
I only met them all like a couple of ghosts
Still I treat them like stacks got a couple of blow
Nobody taking nothing from... Except the loss
Nobody put the firma high except of god
... Day hard leave them in graveyards
One big diamond give a n****r...
Grass cut full never lose where the snakes are
Mother f**k school n****r never had a day job
Shout all the niggers faced off with a...
F**k... On a corner packet full of...
F**k you n****r I have been dropping...
And is cool n****r go get your hate on
Got a big d**k and she is gonna put her face on
A** so big and the s**t is like a...
Swing it from a... P***y pop it in the bronx
Then I made her ring like the...
Do it so big they should call a n****r...
All I do is win they should call a n****r won
Hold up... I am all about that lou
But I knock that boo...
Swear if that rough before I...
Then I don't know who do
I don't know who you
Different city every day I don't know you boo
I don't know your crew... She sit right next to me
I don't know why girl keep texting me
Talking about she loves me... F*****g me... Don't touch me
But we got to catch a flight... Try to ask a n****r
To high 5 she just one... Is only one night girl
Go back to your life...
I am gonna get mine you know that I deserve that
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Jackin For Beats Lyrics

Trey Songz – Jackin For Beats Lyrics