(Aww yeah, uh huh, uh huh)

She got a ass on her
And she pretty in the face now spend some cash on her
It ain't nothing to a player
Aww yeah (aww yeah) aww yeah (aww yeah)
Aww yeah (aww yeah) aww yeah (aww yeah)
If you getting money put your hands in the air
Pockets full of hundreds so I'm stunting all year
Aww yeah (aww yeah) aww yeah (aww yeah)
Aww yeah (aww yeah) aww yeah (aww yeah)

All white thing with the orange inside
I been counting money all day all night
Bad bitch with me I don't let her stand stand up
Took her from her nigga, had to get his bands up
Problem me and Quez smoking weed, getting drunk
Took her for a show, couldn't find what I want
Easter clean, diesel jeans, 30k in hundreds, and it's for the whole team
Packed the whole club, got hoes in the VI
Shawty want a baller, she know that's what we bout
100 for the belt 400 for the pradas
I came in flexing everything that popping bottles
This for the strippers and the girls selling models
Put her through college when I'm playing with them dollars
14 grams, put it on the scale
Grabbing work from the street nigga not from Yale, yeah


Said shawty got a ass on her and it's fat
I tried to take her home but she rather take a cab (iight)
Dancing while we standing on the chair (iight)
You got a baller gone put it in the air (iight)
I got some bands on me, I threw some bands on her
I wonder what she would do if I put my hands on her
Pop a rubber band on her and do my dance on her
I only throw up the money but while she laying on her
Now where the hoes at, where the blow at
And where them real thick girls who take it low at
Hey where the weed at and where my g's at
And where the freaks but a lady in the streets at
Now make it clap for me, clap clap for me,
Now make it clap for me, clap clap for me
Now make it shake for me, she shake shake for me,
Now make it shake for me shake for me shake for me shake for me


This is for my girls getting cake
Hit the club ball bout to yell lil momma straight
Every time we out to eat you know it's shrimp and steak
And she ain't with the game naw lil momma don't play
Shawty name Terrica, her friends call her TC
I met her friend named Erica she really down to meet me
And I live in the area somewhere off of Peach street
She bad to the bone from the hair and the rear-ie
Aww yeah, aww yeah, aww yeah, her booty cause hell, cause hell, cause hell
She fuck with ball players, ball players, ball players
Well bitch I ball and yeah I'm a player aww yeah, aww yeah

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Aww Yea Lyrics

Travis Porter – Aww Yea Lyrics