Hold me under water,
Your hands around my neck,
Are you taking it out on me,
Cause we have nothing left

We both went through it
No use for regrets
See young and stupid
But we cant forget

But I'll see you again
I will, I will find you
I'll taste you again,
I do, I do love
Wherever she goes, wherever she goes, I'll be [Repeat: x3]
Where ever she goes I'll be

Promising forever, starts with just a hope
Staying together, well thats a different road
Do you believe me, when I say that I'm fine
What are you feeling, so deep inside


Who would we blame for our broken hearts
I wont let it tear us apart
You pointed your fingers, you made your demands
And now you've left it all in my hands
I'll follow you, I'll follow you
I will give you back that feeling

Wherever she goes, wherever she goes, I'll be [Repeat: x3]
Wherever she goes I'll be
Open up to me, tell me what you believe
Wherever she goes I'll be
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Wherever She Goes Lyrics

Trapt – Wherever She Goes Lyrics

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