[Music: Juan Partida
Lyrics: Lorenzo Partida]

Exterminating the lonely body
Ground by confusion
Everything without hope
You dig your grave in mortal sin
Shivering from a cold disgrace
In streets covered with filthy scars
You free yourself enough to live

An alcoholic ritual
Glassy looks and stares
To announce your sadness
Offerings at dawn
Return to the chaos of disorder
Uncertainty grows more each day
Misery, pain and excess
Mysterious lack of wisdom

Embrace the fire's pain
Your soul's carbonized
Burn unburied bones
Burn in the flames

To cry in death
Sunken inside
In nameless rivers
You're just another one
Reduced to ashes
Burn in the flames
Burn in the flames
Of the purification
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Flames Of Purification Lyrics

Transmetal – Flames Of Purification Lyrics