When you stayed overnight
It was pretty much the beginning of our overtime
I swore myself I'll never fall for this
It wasn't meant to be this way
It was just some text message s** with an ex-girlfriend and
You know the rest
But there's still dog shit on the fresh cut grass
We're not ever gonna pass

But now you're planning on our honeymoon
Can you put it on a hold for a year or two
Or a decade if anything's anymore up to me
Our only goal is to show them all
That we are living in a stable relationship
Today we're on tomorrow off
'Cause you were always easy to let go, but hard to stay away from

Will someone remind me
There was a time when we had everything
On a fine day I will freak out if I don't ever find another love
Will someone remind me
There was a time when we had everything
For two days in a row

You're getting prettier everyday
Or maybe I'm just used to your face
And some might think that everything's okay
I still need you here but I keep thinking that you are the one for me
Or the safest way of closing down this everlasting search for the one
Who wont show up

Someone said that it's good to move away
When you don't really want to stay
Someone said that everything goes in the same fucking way,
But you can choose your way to lose

Will someone remind me...
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Two Days In A Row Lyrics

Traffic Island – Two Days In A Row Lyrics