Well it ain't home
But it'll have to do for a while
Got a fold down bed
Two windows on the parking lot
Three plates in the kitchenette
A table and chair where I can eat
A little black-and-white tv
A shower stall and a bathroom sink
And one two-drawer night sand
Barely enough room to be a man

And on the nightstand
Sits a photograph
Of my wife and kids
Reminding me of how good it was
And right now, how bad it is
Beside it there's a coffee cup
Where I keep my wedding ring and stuff
And some nights it still keeps me up
How I got where I am
Funny how a man's life can be reduced
To one nightstand

On the fifth of last November
On a business trip in strangers
Alone for the night
She said 'hi I'm Angie
And I'm from boston
Would you drink a beer with me
If I bought'em?
So I hit the hotel bar with her
Figured,what would it hurt?

Sittin' on the bed
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One Nightstand Lyrics

Trace Adkins – One Nightstand Lyrics

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