The Gas supply has been cut off, the tele's on the blink
Billy stinks, he drinks & spews up in the kitchen sink
He's sick of his bleedin' life, & he's gonna smack the wife in the jaw
Billy Mrs cleans and scrubs while Billy's down the boozer
But she's had a belly full now Billy's gonna lose her
She's in her dressing gown, Billy's breaking down the bedroom door

Pot... Pot belly bill: A Big fat dirty lout
A pig & a layabout
Pot... Pot belly bill: A fowl gob that's never shut
A fat slob with a beer gut.
Pot pot pot belly bill

He's such a hog at tea time, he shovels down his grub
He burps & makes rude noises, then he nicks off down the pub
Between you & me, & Billy's Mrs will agree, he's a swine
[Guitar Bit]

It's closing time at the local, & he stumbles out the bar
The drunken lump forgets to switch the lights on in his car
But Billy is a darer, he did not see the Sierra round the bend.
1/2 an hour latter Billy's hospitalised, "Tell the wife to bring some cans in
With the grapes" He cries.
But she's seen the light, she said "Serve the fat slob right, I hope he DIES"
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Pot Belly Bill Lyrics

Toy Dolls – Pot Belly Bill Lyrics