Bored at a party Saturday night looking at Tupperware,
In came a chick who made me quickly glad I was th there,
How could I get the courage to ask her for a date?
Twas such a task for me to ask by then it was too late

Howza bouta... Howza Bouta, oooo she drives me crazy
Howza bouta, howza bouta kiss baby!

Why am I such a whimp I thought a soft and skinny puff
For me to ask a kiss from her was difficult & tough
Right that's it I decided to confront the lass,
I started shakin at the knees & tried to make a pass

I lose my bottle everytime I see a girl I like
I start talkin jibberish & she says "on yer bike"
There must be something I can do a kiss would make my day
But everytime my gob opens I don't know what to say
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Howza Bouta Kiss Babe??! Lyrics

Toy Dolls – Howza Bouta Kiss Babe??! Lyrics