If you're down and you're sick,
And you want her out quick,
But you don't know the trick what to do,
She'll be laughing at you,
If you don't have a clue
Show that you have grew up and shout...
We are thru and say...

Do you want to finish or what?,
I've just about had my lot,
I can't take this from you,
I'm fed up now because she said,
I don't know what to do...

You've got to be a man,
Kick her out while you can,
Get a re-moval van booked for her,
Tell her to take her stuff,
It's time now to be tough,
You've had about enough
And don't want to suffer any more,


A fortnight is long ee
Nough for her to agree,
To decide just what she wants to do,
If by then she does not
You've got to start n plot,
Just where when to do and what,
How you're gonna get shot of her...

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Do You Want To Finish Or What? Lyrics

Toy Dolls – Do You Want To Finish Or What? Lyrics