Friday night is bath night this is what they say
We are gonna dig the groove, we've waited all day
We wear trendy trousers with belts a mile too long
We are gonna catch the bus into the town
We are boogie on down...

Dig that groove ba-a-by
Dig that groove ba-a-by
Dig that groove ba-a-by, ba-a-by oo-oo-oo

There they are again covered in Old Spice
They think they will get the girls cause
they smell nice,
They all call me riff raff
'Coz I wear a Crombie
I couldn't stand it being just like them
they all look like puffs not men


(spoken)Dig that groove baby!

See that trendy there she used to be a punk
Now she's off to the disco to listen to junk
Her boyfriend was a skinhead
He used to shout Oi! Oi!
Play that funky music that's what they say now
Come with me and I'll show you how...

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Dig That Groove Baby Lyrics

Toy Dolls – Dig That Groove Baby Lyrics