Allston's nothing but bars and drunks
College kids and lotsa punx
You're guaranteed to see a fight almost every fuckin' night
College kids with parents cash
With no respect for the working class
At any bar around last call every night you'll see a brawl kegs of beer after the show
Toxic house was the place to go
Had a riot in the street where Pratt
And Ashford terrace meet a bunch of jocks live down the block
Started with two punx but to their shock
Had a ton of t.n. friends in the house we all poured out and beat them down
Wa-bah-bap is the sound when your headgo's crack when you're
Gettin' curbed by my boot or the bat
You asked for beef and you quickly got served
I think you got what you fuckin' deserved
B.u. fuck you
Fuck you!
You-mass fuck you!

Coughin' up blood, spittin' up teeth
Got beat up walkin' down the street
A bunch of jocks calling us freaks
This shit happens every week
Allston violence-in your face!
Allston violence-this is the place
Allston violence-fuck college boys!
Allston violence-oi!oi!oi!
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Allston Violence Lyrics

Toxic Narcotic – Allston Violence Lyrics