[Verse 1]
When you said please please me
Well that's all I wanted to do
I'm the girl who falls asleep
And all she dreams about is you
And I know this aint gonna happen
But you just need to give me a chance
Take a week off and I'll dance for you,
Wearing nothing but my Stargirl pants

'Cause I love dougie from McFly
I think he's fucking fit
All my friends think Danny's the one
But they're just full of shit
He might wear shorts too big for him
He thinks he's in blink 182
But at least he Makes my heart go BOOM
Now who can say that about you?

[Verse 2]
He doesn't really say that much
And when he does it's usually a belch
Yeah he's young and he misbehaves
But for me there's no one else
He's definitely the coolest in the band
And he's the one I'd wanna marry
Until next week when he dyes his hair
And then I'll wanna do it with Harry

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Dougie Lyrics

Town Bike – Dougie Lyrics

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