When the sunlight strikes raindrops in the air,
They act like a prism and form a rainbow.
The rainbow is a division of white light into many beautiful colors.

Unavoidable larygectomy
Summon the E.N.T.M.D.
Is this the end for me?
Install the Western Electric number 5000
Creach modification
Nicotine addiction, larnyx benediction
Learn a whole new way to speak

Physic's law number two
Every action that you do
Has a strong and binding force
Set in motion human course

Your rainbow and the pot of gold
The dreams that you had grow cold
Your mistake burdens you a hundred fold
God knows out hearts are weak
But we must learn to thing before we speak
And consider the damage that we wreak
By choosing a foolish road to seek

I don't want to go to the movies tonight.

A rainbow.
Pot of gold.
Regardless of the day,
I'm glad you were born.
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