Oh no I can't thank my mind went blank
I'm puffin on the puffin on the humble dank
I'm comin like a tank with money in the bank
And now my breaths stank cause I'm drunk off drank
I'm rollin like a scoota puffin on a hoota I
Made a lot of money off of sellin sacks of budah
I only sold the bama bama like hamma
I try and sell dank but I can't make bank
I smoke up all my profits damn I got to stop it
I just can't quit I need another hit
So homey pass the pipe better yet pass the bong
Cause I'm a take a puff in the middle of the song
(Bong rip)
Hey what's up hello can you hear me
Smokin mad spliffs on the cloud nine theory
I puff and I puff and I puff and I toke
And when I hit the dank I hold it in and straight choke
Now I'm straighten down the mission the cloud nine condition
My stomach on growl so I need some nutrition
Smoke a blunt in the morning and one at night
Cause that's the medication I need to feel right
I start to look chill cause my eyes are real tight
I said 22 thousand the crew is straight housin
Toss me the ball and I'll rush for a thousand
With the mackaframalama the Rosta Red eye
Sometimes we smoke dank sometimes we smoke tye
On the cloud nine theory I'm feelin over high
Marijuana marijuana you know I got to have you
Cause we doing junior popers smokin blunts in the attic
It makes me look pimp I walk with a limp
With the DGF style could you legalize hemp
Cause the bud smell amazin the joints still blazin
This is budah wonderland understand what I'm sayin
To vibe I give a blessin I'm budah manufestin
A joint to the head helps me out when I'm stressin
But still I hate cops cause they try to stop my crop
All I need is a seed and I'm gonna grow some weed
I throw it on the ground and the dirt gives birth
And it grows with some love out of gods green earth
So brother pass the chronic the dank is straight bionic
We grow it underwater and we call it hydroponic
Lets legalize hemp then do a little more
In my neighborhood I'll open up a store
In the heart of the mission somewhere on the corner
that's where I'll set up camp and sell marijuana
And do my distribution I'll make a contribution
With some time and effort we can come to a solution
Then every time you get a joint take a hit
You'll be making a donation toward the national debt
Just a small donation for the proper medication
We'll be helpin out the nation legalization
Some say we can't do it me thinks we can
And everything is going just according to plan
So be like Jesse Jackson keep hope alive
While we smoke a fat spliff in the cloud nine vibe
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Cloud Nine Lyrics

Total Devastation – Cloud Nine Lyrics