The jerks come out at night, the jerks come out at night
The jerks come out at night, the jerks come out at night
Jerk in, jerk out, jerk in, jerk out
Jerk in, jerk out, jerk in, jerk out

[Too Much:]
Uh oh, they creepin through the alley
Appearin from the back of the buildin where the trash be
The jerks come out at night, straight clubbin
Skippin up the street, lookin for a function
I'm tryna get turnt before the mornin hit
Tryna have a couple scallys on my dick
Peep my fit, I'm fresh ineed
My shoe game bomb, I got em from Richard Reid
Hit the spot, all eyes on me
They like my jerk, she like my steez
She heard I got cheese, yeah I live lavish boo
Pluto's the squad I throw it up like a alley oop
Whoop, yeah baby that's the truth
Ricardo's on, I make the hoes scream babaloo
I'm cool, the haters be jocking
100 and Robski, we gets it popping


First time ever man, I just did lean
So fuck what you talkin nigga, I'm the jerk king
When I'm jerking, I'm so mean
Rude ass nigga, make you block my aim
Dumb bitch, you don't know my name
Wow, you don't know my name
100 dollar baby, all I do is fuck skanks
When I'm done with her, I'm a fuck her best friend
Yeah, cause I'm the best man
I'm the best man when it come to sex trends
Listen, I don't know if you heard
But my reject is oh so superb
Feel like I'm jerkin on air
I'm off beat look bitch I don't care
Can't dance with me, I need a chick with long hair
If they turn the lights on, I'll probably get scared


I'm so high man, I'm sittin on a plane
The names Robski, yeah niggas know the name
Jerkin in the club, yeah that's the new thang
Blunt in my hand, gettin blowed like the fan
If you didn't know, look girl, I'm the man
I'm real fucked up, you can tell when I dance
The only thing I'm tryna do is gettin yo pants
I'm paid like a pay day, nigga on a pay day
Real fly guy, like may day, may day
What you say, say, say, say
Ay bay bay
Giirl just dance, I got somethin planned
Probably make you wanna leave yo man
Come chill with a nigga, pop pills with a nigga
If I wild out, girl yeah I'm still that nigga

[Chorus x2]
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Jerks Come Out At Night Lyrics

Too Much On The Beat – Jerks Come Out At Night Lyrics