(unknown voice)
Uh yeah dangerous crew

In the year 1995, todd anthony shaw A. K. A too $hort
Came correct put his niggars on deck
Ladies and gentelmen... The dangerous crew

(too $hort)
$hort dogg's in the motherfucking house b***h

(old skool freddy b)
Old skool freddy b beeetich

(shorty b)
Shorty b most valueable player
Stright indo

(about face)
Saultions from the soul about face

(baby d)
You wanna call be baby d
You can call me daddy if you
Want to be

(shock g)
Still in the game shock motherfucking g

(blacked up)
Yea! Blacked upped in the house
West w niggars

(father dom)
In the house for show
Father dom knockin on your front door

Hey hoes, I rest, dress, and pimp till I die
It's goldy

And this is brian I am here
To say the dangerous crew
Ain't talking about s**t

(too $hort)
You say it ain't true
I got news for you even
Though we moved we still
The dangerous crew the funk
Came from oakland, the niggars did too
I moved to atlanta so you figuered
I was through seen me in the source
Talked about retireing
Trying to get payed n***a I was lieing
Thinking I'm washed up trying to peel my cap
I got a million dollars and a million raps
Short dogg's on the mic spitting real s**t
Seen my videos lately got my greal fix
I smoke a lot of weed but don't deal the dope
>from the eastside n***a, I kill a hoe
If shorty b ain't funky when he play that bass
You can reach right back and just slap my face
And my n***a peewee is no singer
He is eighty eighty fingers
Oakland niggars don't use fingers for your horns

Yeah, my n***a peewee
Y'all know he ain't from oakland
He from richmond california y'all
Them richmond niggars are crazy as s**t man
Just like them belowe niggars
Polyontoe niggars, fisco niggars
Richmond niggars is crazy man
To my richmond partners
I'ma tell you something about them
They just dip on your a** like some oakland fools
With them automatic weapons they will smoke ya fools
Shootin cops in the head like baby d
Got my real partner old skool freddy b
In the house
Him and father dom
Jumped in the plane with a pocket full of bomb
Not the explosive
The kind that make you show b***h
Put me in the studio the dank have me focus
Ant banks you know what's sup
I tried to rap sober but the s**t was sounding f****d!
I spend a hundred dollars on the brand new benz
And if I run you off the road run blow your horns again

Yeah man f**k these hoes man
I stright burn rubber on a b***h in a minute
Riding in some brand new s**t you know
>from the eastside b***h oakland
You say it ain't cool
S**t ain't stopping me
And ain't too many rappers toppin me
You say bullshit
But you knowing it's true
But better stop sleepin on the dangerous crew
I know you and your boys love to rhyme and it's funny
Cause I spent all my time and money
On my studio we make funky a** music and we do these hoes
We freestyle and you see we get paid
You bring your b***h around I bet a g she stays
Big trucks, caddies, lexus, benz
Me and my partners f*****g the friends
We got the weed the drink the money the bitchs
Still smoking zags no phillys no switchs
Three thousand miles away from the o
Smoking fluffy a** light green indo
You say we ain't s**t
The dangerous click
You wanna here the f*****g tape
Ask your stank a** b***h
Cause she bought it
And she's loving it
You just a broke a** rapper now you dub in it
And when I see a fine a** I be up in it n***a
You can't f**k with my crew
We'll sit you on shelve down the isle like a book
You talk about me but you bit my style like a crook
Leave it alone!

(about face)
Leave it aaaaaalone

(too $hort)
Don't it at home

(about face)
Don't try this at hhhhome

(too $hort)
Dangerous crew

(about face)
Leave it aaaaaalone
Don't try this at hhhhhhhhome

(too $hort)
Don't try this at the house fool

(about face)
Leave it aaaaaalone

(too $hort)
Once again short dogg

(about face)
Don't try this at hhhhhhome

(too $hort)
And the dangerous crew stright gettin funky with you
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Leave It Alone Lyrics

Too $hort – Leave It Alone Lyrics

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