Shout to wu-tang on this 1
This my favorite part
Yea y'all don't like this 1
I had to drop the swine flu 2 quick
Cause 50 about to drop real soon
Pandemic nigga y'all know what it is

I'm a rick ross killer nigga
Daytona 500 shit
Swine flu part 2 pandemic, pandemic
I'm a triple c's killer nigga
I'm a godzilla killer nigga

How it feel nigga to have money on your head
Get at me bullet raise your bitch now she look like cassie
Desert eagle, whole a pound grip shoot down a helicopter
Black hawk down shit, huh
I'm like oil to a arab
Boil up the cocaine watch the shit cook fast
Louie headband, smoking headband
I'm a rockstar girls when a jet land
The true religions, 40 g's
40 g's off a metro P. C
I'm in D. C with a kay verdian
Ethopian models what a nigga swimming in
Your nuts in the sand cause you not buzzing
Def jam split your maket money stop bugging
Look at the soundscan fat boy at 303
You can't beat eminem, can't beat 50
I'm in peo peo, with a chick from rio
Some red drink the bitch fill my g-oles
Ak in the backseat fight nigga
My shooter like freddy kruegar in a heist nigga
Google that, I got book of stacks
I'm in the booger babies with them nigga naps
I get nigga clapped, niggaz make me sick
Give a nigga dap he like a nigga on my dick
So fuck everybody, I'm crushing empires
2 hoes on me, like vampires
Latex birthday s** like jeremih
Phantom ex and I'm riding on them thin tyres
I said I'm riding on them thin tyres nigga

Fucking heard that nigga
Biggest underdog man
Fuck, I'm tired of niggaz driving past me and shit
Huh, fuck man
I guess I take it to the streets
It's all I got
It's the unit swine flu 2
Pandemic, b what up, tony what up
Does pesc on the boards nigga
Best producer out in queeens nigga
Y'all niggaz know what it is
Hardcore, whole 160 what ya want
Yea, westside, my nigga blue hefner
And the general 50 nigga
It's our summer
We all black
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Goin In Lyrics

Tony Yayo – Goin In Lyrics